About Us

The McDonald Research Lab focuses on three primary topic areas: environmental radiochemistry, spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, and WMD Prevention. While these topics may seem quite diverse, they are all interrelated and devoted to our core research philosophy of improving our fundamental knowledge of basic radionuclide material properties to aid in the rapid detection of hostile nuclear materials, remediate and dispose of radioactive materials in an environmentally responsible manner, and develop advanced processes for the recycling of spent nuclear fuel. 
Recent Publications
  • Cuong, L.; Olsen, A.; Schwerdt, I.; Porter, R.; Sentz, K.; McDonald, L.; Tasdizen, T., “A New Approach for Quantifying Morphological Features of U3O8 for Nuclear Forensics using a Deep Learning Model”, Journal of Nuclear Materials (2019).
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  • Schwerdt, I. J.; Hawkins, C. G.; Taylor, B.; Brenkmann$, A.; Martinson$, S.; McDonald, L.W., “Uranium Oxide Synthetic Pathway Discernment Through Thermal Decomposition and Morphological Analysis”, Radiochimica Acta (2019).
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